Frequently asked questions

Content & Licensing

How many titles do you have?

We have more than 280,000 titles from more than 2000 publishers, and add approximately 5000 new titles every month.

Can I purchase individual eBooks?

Yes, all eBooks can be purchased individually.

Do eBooks expire?

Normally no, almost every eBook on VLeBooks is purchased in perpetuity. There are a very small number of publishers that will only licence eBooks for lending with a time or issue limit. These are clearly displayed on our Navigator title display.

Can we have many students accessing the same title together?

Yes, most eBooks on VLeBooks are available with multiple user access, either unlimited users but limited by the number of annual credits (1 credit = 1 student per day) or with multiple user licences.

Do I have to pay to renew credits?

No, credits will reset free of charge every year to their original value (typically 400) on each anniversary of purchase.

Will I lose the eBook if a publisher withdraws a title?

No, purchased titles will remain available to you.

Will there be colour illustrations and photographs?

Yes - each page is an exact image of the printed work.

Reading Online

What software do I need to read eBooks?

VLeBooks requires only that you use a web browser and requires no additional software or plug-ins.

What versions of each browser is supported?

Internet Explorer 8 and above, Firefox 4 and above, Chrome 12 and above, Safari 5 and above.

Does the online reader need Java or Flash?

JavaScript must be enabled within the browser, but Flash is not required.

If you open an eBook online and don’t close it will it lock it for other students?

The online reader will timeout after 2 hours of inactive use.

Can the students use Facebook/Twitter to state what they are currently reading?

Yes, using the share button within the reader, or against each title on VLeBooks. Many schools and colleges have social networking sites blocked so it may be that most social sharing will take place from home.

How long are students’ notes kept for?


Can I read online using a mobile device?

Yes, but mobile devices will require at least iOS 5.0 or Android 4.0 to read online, although our free Apps will allow downloading for offline reading with older versions.

Will it work on Macs?


What about students with accessibility issues.

The online reader allows for 5 different zoom levels in addition to the browser's standard zoom functionality. The background colour can be set to 8 different shades to aid dyslexic users.

Do eBooks cope with the graphics from textbooks?

Yes, exact images as they would appear in the physical book.

How much can a student print and copy?

Normally each student can print and copy 10% of the content, but a few publishers impose different limits.

Does the user get a warning as they near the copying and printing limits?

Yes, the reader will clearly display the number of pages copied/printed, and the number of pages remaining for each.

Downloading for Offline Reading

What is a download?

The entire eBook is loaded on your local device (PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or eReader) rather than reading page by page online.

How long can books be downloaded for?

The maximum loan term is determined by the school, and users can choose any number of days up to that maximum loan length.

What does the VLeBooks App do?

The VLeBooks App is available free of charge and once installed on the students mobile device allows a downloaded eBook to be read with all the advanced functionality you would expect of a modern eReader App.

Can I turn off downloads for my school?

You can turn off downloads for the entire platform, for a particular licence type, or for individual titles.

Does the book automatically go back to system when the download expires?


I am concerned that I will go over the 2000 free downloads, can we have access to more?

Yes, the cost will be 10p per download.

If a book is downloaded - how does it disappear from a device?

It 'expires' so it cannot be read after the expiry date. It can be physically deleted if required.

Is there a list of compatible devices that will allow downloads?

Any device that supports Adobe Digital Editions will allow downloads from VLeBooks. This includes PCs, laptops, Macs, Apple devices, most android devices (including Kindle Fire), and most eReaders (but not a Kindle reader).

Access & Authentication

How can I manage login and authentication?

VLeBooks supports username and passwords, IP address, referring URL, Shibboleth and Athens.

We don’t have a VLE or LMS, can I use VLeBooks?

Yes, VLeBooks is a stand-alone system and can work independently of any Virtual Learning Environment or Library Management System.

Do we need to set up and manage usernames and passwords?

Only if you wish to access VLeBooks this way. Alternatively we have integrated solutions with many of the major LMS and VLE providers to provide a seamless login.

Our Library Management System is not available out of school - can pupils use Moodle to log in?

Yes, we have developed a free Moodle block that will provide seamless integration with VLeBooks.

Can VLeBooks be added to the school website?


Can we access from Eclipse?

Yes, the Marc records we can supply will load into Eclipse and provide a direct link to the title.

Installation & Configuration

How will VLeBooks be set up?

Setup will take place remotely, and no installation is needed at the school. There are no school resources required and no input is needed from your IT department. A technical helpdesk is available should you want to speak to us.

Is there a limit for the number of users?

No, and we already have existing customers with more than 3000 students.


How quickly are eBooks made available?

Immediately, as you check out your basket when ordering.

How do I know what licence I am purchasing with the book i.e. Multiple or limited user access?

The available licences will be clearly shown on as you make your purchases.

I currently generate records so I can tell the parents what their children are reading. Is this available for eBooks?

VLeBooks provides comprehensive usage reports that can be used to identify popular titles, and also track reading for individual students. All reports can be exported to a spreadsheet.


Is there a required minimum spend on eBooks?

No, it is up to you how much you spend.

Is there VAT on eBooks?

Yes, for all our UK customers, but many institutions will be able to reclaim VAT.

Why do we get charged 10p for downloads after we have used the 2000 up?

We are charged by Adobe for each download as we apply the Digital Rights Management (DRM).

What is the cost per book of eBooks Vs. Print?

Usually similar, but all prices are individually set by the publisher and some charge extra for some titles such as core textbooks. Browns Books for Students never adds any additional charges or surcharges.

We are an upper and lower school site, can we set up multiple platforms?

Yes, you can choose to have separate catalogues for each site, or an integrated catalogue covering both.

How do I pay for eBooks?

eBooks will be invoiced daily, separately for each order. Invoices are normally sent by email and can also be downloaded from our Navigator website.

Is a support service included in the annual subscription?

Yes, you have access to our technical helpdesk and training services.


Can we as a company help promote eBooks to staff/students?

Yes, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Will you be able to do training individually? Can you visit us to help?

Yes, please contact your Area Sales Manager or our Customer Care Team.