Accessibility Guidance


We are committed to providing a platform which is accessible to the widest possible audience and are actively working to increase the accessibility and usability of the service. To this end, we are WCAG2.0 accredited (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

WCAG2 provides guidance on how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities, including those with visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.

Last updated May 2018.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

The ‘Online Reader’ element of our service has limitations due to Digital Rights Management (DRM).

VleBooks come with DRM to protect content. This directs the print and copy allowances in addition to licence terms. The licences available through your library are shown against each title, as are the print and copy allowances.

Contact your library helpdesk to see if an accessible format/DRM free copy can be made available from the publisher.

Reading Options

You have two reading options.

You can use our own reader by choosing ‘Read Online’ to access features such as:

  • Table of contents with direct chapter access
  • Full text searching (results highlighted)
  • Checking the online Dictionary
  • Adding, appending, sharing notes
  • Page navigation
  • Social media sharing
  • Citation access (RedfWorks or Endnote)
  • Bookmarking

Alternatively, you can download by choosing ‘Download’ and read using your chosen software or the VleBooks App which is available FREE via the IOS or Android store.

Assistive Technology Recommendations

Read & Write Gold

This software has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability which enables the eBook to be read via the online reader or via download through Adobe Digital Editions.

Claro Read

Download the eBook to Adobe Digital Editions to enable this software to perform. This is not compatible with the online reader.


Download the eBook to Adobe Digital Editions to enable this software to perform. This is not compatible with the online reader.


Download the eBook to Adobe Digital Editions to enable this software to perform. This is not compatible with the online reader.

3rd Party Assistive Tools & Plugins

Use the following link for information on other tools which may help your reading experience:


To download eBooks you need a device which is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. You can download the software for FREE via

Image Descriptions

The platform does not support image descriptions at this time.

Formats Available

eBooks will either be PDF or EPUB3, there is no choice of format available. As such, please see the Assistive Technology Recommendations for reading options.


The platform provides 5 levels of magnification. Windows & IOS magnifier can also be used. Reflow is available for eBooks that have been downloaded.

Table of contents provides the navigation tags at heading level and provides links to chapters or specific areas in the book. The platform also provides the ability to go straight into page numbers.

Keyboard Shortcuts

ctrl+shift+f2TOC (Table Of Contents) Tab
ctrl+shift+f3Search Tab
ctrl+shift+f4Notes Tab
ctrl+shift+fToggle sidebar on/off
ctrl+shift+uNavigation: go to first page
ctrl+shift+left-arrowNavigation: go to previous page
ctrl+shift+right-arrowNavigation: go to next page
ctrl+shift+rNavigation: go to last page
ctrl+shift+1Navigation: focus page-number input field
ctrl+shift+2Edit Notes
ctrl+shift+3Save Notes (When Notes input field is active)
ctrl+shift+3Hide Notes (When Notes input field is active)
ctrl+shift+3Hide Notes (When Notes input field is NOT active)
ctrl+shift+4Set Bookmark to current page
ctrl+shift+5Navigation: go to bookmark
ctrl+shift+6Print (Unfortunately IE uses ctrl+shift+print for other uses)
ctrl+shift+8Export citation to refworks
ctrl+shift+9Export citation to EndNotes
ctrl+shift+vMove focus to VLEBooks image. Press <enter> to navigate to VLEBooks
ctrl+shift+cCopy current page: Uses non-flash, non-ie method. Text will be highlighted ready for copy/paste
ctrl+shift+yMove focus to "help" User then clicks <enter> //Internet Explorer uses ctrl+shift+h
escapeClose notification boxes/dropdowns (e.g print/copy/bookmark)
ctrl+shift+zZoom in
ctrl+shift+xZoom out

Edit Accessibility Settings

This feature enables you to set your own preferences for the platform e.g. font and contrast. The options are applied permanently or until you make a change. Access the feature via the ‘Edit Accessibility Settings’ tab under the ‘Home’ area of the platform.

Colours & Contrasts

When using ‘Read Online’ you can change the background colour to suit your requirements. Select ‘read online’ and access the colour wheel in the top right hand corner of the screen. To amend contrast you will need a browser plugin such as ‘High Contrast’ on Chrome.

Copying & Printing

Your available print and copy allowances are clearly shown for each eBook and your current activity and usage is shown, when using the ‘Read Online’ facility.

Compatible Devices

The platform is built with a responsive design so that it will adapt itself according to the device and browser size that you are using. All standard devices are supported, including Windows PC, MAC, IOS and Android devices.